Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WEEKLY: Super Bowl ads | Toyota, Honda begin to rebuild | Japan gets tough on collusion | Wade urges timeout on facility plans

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Super Bowl Advertising

Plastics News China
China Plastics in Automotive 2012 Conference

Plastics and composites hold the key to taking weight out of tomorrow's vehicles, and to enabling electric and hybrid technologies. Get the latest in material and design trends at this April 17 Shanghai conference, by Plastics News China.
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NADA: Not a lot to argue about
In years past, National Automobile Dealers Association conventions have been a battleground over all sorts of issues. With most businesses slowly reco ...  FULL STORY 
LINDSAY CHAPPELL : Why so many Mexican plants? Do the math

Wade hopes facility study brings dealers, factories closer
Stephen Wade had some notable accomplishments during his year as chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association, but he admits there is more ...  FULL STORY 

image Glaser will head M-B marketing
Mercedes-Benz USA has shifted Bernhard Glaser, the U.S. company's top product planner for nearly a decade, to its top marketing job. Glaser, 47, fills ...  FULL STORY 

image Sam Swope rides into retirement -- on a Harley
Dealership group started with 1 store
When Sam Swope acquired his first dealership in Elizabethtown, Ky., on Jan. 1, 1952, the store's prior owner had sold 41 new Dodge and Plymouth vehicl ...  FULL STORY 
 Chrysler has 17 new Calif. stores, still pushing hard
 All Tom Stephens needed was a 389
 Shaw is Time's top dealer

BMW joins coupe-style sedan race
BMW will enter the fast-growing swoopy sedan segment that its luxury competitors have created by adding a four-door model to its 6-series family. The ...  FULL STORY 
 Fiat to launch longer version of 500
 Ford's itty-bitty B-Max won't make it to the U.S.

Chrysler plans high-performance Mopar version of 300 flagship
For the third straight year, Chrysler Group will assemble at the factory a full-sized car highly customized with Mopar accessories. The Mopar '12 300, ...  FULL STORY 
 GM should revive crossover from the rubble of Saab

image Dealer: N. California is the right market for 5 Coda showrooms
Shaun Del Grande isn't half-hearted about selling electric vehicles. As one of Coda's initial retailers, Del Grande Dealer Group plans to open five sh ...  FULL STORY 
 San Diego retailer: Coda will round out group's alternative-energy lineup

Manheim report sees positive trends in leasing
In 2011, 20 percent of the 10.6 million new vehicles counted as sold in the United States at retail, excluding sales to fleets, were leased, one perce ...  FULL STORY 

Dealer uses service clinics to build loyalty
Dealer Bob Rountree says that about 70 percent of his new- and used-vehicle buyers at his two Ford Motor Co. stores are repeat customers. Rountree cre ...  FULL STORY 

Calif. still has no business dictating technology
It is wrongheaded and inefficient for California to dictate that by 2025 15.4 percent of new vehicles sold in the state must be electric, fuel cell or ...  FULL STORY 
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